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Logo Credit Prices

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Number of Credits in the PackagePackage Price (TL)Credit Unit Price (TL)
150 Qty.5953,967
500 Qty.1.6003,200
1.000 Qty.3.1003,100
2.000 Qty.6.0003,000
5.000 Qty.12.5002,500
10.000 Qty.18.7501,875
25.000 Qty.39.0001,560
50.000 Qty.67.0001,340
100.000 Qty.95.0000,950
250.000 Qty.197.5000,790
500.000 Qty.345.0000,690
1.000.000 Qty.620.0000,620

e Logo Credit Prices

Usage rights of purchased credit packages are not limited to annual or monthly periods. Users have the flexibility to benefit from the services as long as they have sufficient credit in their accounts. When the Credit balance in the package runs out, users can continue to benefit from Logo credit purchasing services at siparis.elogo.com.tr.

e Logo Private Integrator service emerges as an important solution for perfect e-invoice management. This service simplifies transactions and increases efficiency by making it easy to send and receive e-invoices. Users can continue their e-Invoice sending and receiving processes uninterruptedly by purchasing credits from siparis.elogo.com.tr. You can contact us when you need help with purchasing eLogo credit or eLogo credit prices.

Purchasing Logo Credit

Choose among credit packages to suit your budget preference via the order address and confirm your purchase effortlessly. With eLogo Private Integratorship, you can quickly obtain the credit package required to send and receive e-Invoices from siparis.elogo.com.tr. eLogo Private Integratorship offers a simple and safe method for Logo credit purchasing service via siparis.elogo.com.tr.

Make it easier to transfer credit between your multiple organizations with Logo Private Integratorship. With the eLogo credit transfer process, you can now redistribute credits effortlessly and ensure that your various businesses have the resources they need, exactly when they need them. The transferred credits become instantly available at the receiving company, ensuring uninterrupted operations. We are here to help you when you need to upload a credit package to use the e-Invoice service.

Usage Amount of eLogo Credit Packages

e-InvoiceEach sent and received e-Invoice is evaluated separately. Storage Service includedFor every 1 e-Invoice 1 Credit
e-Archive InvoiceIt covers sent e-Archive invoices, includes storage service and 1 e-Archive Mail (html) sending of the relevant invoice. Subsequent transmissions of the same invoice will be charged at the current mail service tariff.For every 1 e-Archive Invoice 1 Credit
e-Delivery noteEach sent and received e-Delivery Note is evaluated separately. Storage Service included.For every 1 e-Delivery note 1 Credit
e-BookkeepingIt is a storage service for approved e-Ledger files for the legal period based on the original file size.1.5 Credits for every 1 MB

What is a Custom Integrator?

Private integrators are intermediary institutions authorized by the Revenue Administration to facilitate the creation of electronic documents such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Invoice, e-Delivery Note on behalf of taxpayers.

Taxpayers have three options for creating electronic records: using a private integrator, integrating their own IT systems, or using the Revenue Administration portal provided by the Revenue Administration. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the integration method, taxpayers; Responsible for managing IT systems, server maintenance, data archiving costs, following regulatory changes and applying technical instructions to systems. On the other hand, although the Revenue Administration portal is cost-free for taxpayers, it is not suitable for companies that issue a large number of invoices due to restrictions such as limited functionality, manual archiving, and a monthly e-Invoice upload limit of 500 e-Invoices.

MRA Portal and Custom Integrators

To become a private integrator, organizations must meet certain criteria, including passing tests conducted by the Revenue Administration, have at least one of the information security, business continuity or Information Technology Service Management System certifications, and employ at least one ITIL certified personnel. Receiving the conformity assessment report regarding the financial seal certificate signature processes from TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM Public Certification Center. The Revenue Administration evaluates the institutions and publishes the list of approved private integrators at http://www.efatura.gov.tr.

Role of the Private Integrator on Behalf of the Taxpayer:

Creation and Management of Electronic Records: Creates, sends and tracks electronic records in accordance with the technical principles determined and published by the Revenue Administration.

Digital Signature: In the case of e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice and e-Delivery Note, the private integrator allows the taxpayer to digitally sign electronic records using her financial seal.

Continuous Availability: The private integrator must ensure that its systems remain accessible and operational 24/7, providing uninterrupted service to taxpayers.

Web Portal Access: Allows taxpayers to access their electronic records through a special web portal.

Legislation and Technical Updates: Undertakes the responsibility of following and informing the legislation and technical guide updates on behalf of taxpayers and implementing these updates within its own system.

Data Storage: Private integrators that offer storage services retain electronic records for a specified period of time.

Data Backup: Those with Disaster Recovery Centers protect against data loss in the event of a disaster by providing data backup.

ERP Integration: Custom integrators facilitate automatic data exchange between ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications and systems.

Limited Visibility: Private integrators do not have access to the contents of the taxpayer's electronic records (such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Delivery Note).

Additional Responsibilities: Private integrators do not have any additional responsibilities other than those determined by the Revenue Administration.

The process of initiating system use through a custom integrator is simple. For e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice and e-Delivery Note, the activation form must be signed using a one-time financial seal. In case of using e-Ledger, the relevant integrator must be selected in the online application made to the Revenue Administration.

With eLogo Private Integrator service, businesses gain access to a series of services that redefine financial processes, especially in the field of e-invoicing. Stay in touch to receive notifications of the latest announcements regarding the Logo Credit Campaign and to be informed of timely updates regarding e-Logo Credit Prices special offers, discounts and promotions.


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