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Logo e-Ledger module enables the Daily Ledger and General Ledger documents to be sent easily and quickly to the Revenue Administration in digital environment in accordance with the determined standards. Thanks to the preparation of the Journal and General Ledger with Logo e Ledger, operational costs such as printing of these documents, notary approval, paper and cartridges, or the workload resulting from laborious processes such as archiving can be saved.

Due to the rapidly progressing e-transformation efforts in our country, businesses that switched to e-invoice and e-archive invoice on July 1, 2021 were obliged to switch to e-ledger application as of January 1, 2022.

e-Ledger application enables the Journal and General Ledger documents to be prepared digitally in accordance with the determined standards and sent to the Revenue Administration easily and quickly.

With new versions, accounting updates are made on the commercial system side, and these changes and updates may also affect the e-Ledger product. LEM renewals must be made in order to benefit from the regulations that must be made on the commercial system side and that will ensure that the e-Ledger is printed in accordance with the legislation.

What is e-Ledger?

Logo Go3 e-Defter

e-Ledger is a set of legal and technical regulations that aim to prepare the books that are required to be kept in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law and the Turkish Commercial Code in the form of electronic files, to record them without printing, to guarantee their immutability, integrity and accuracy of their source, and to enable them to be used as a means of proof before the relevant parties.

Thus, laborious and costly operations such as printing and storing ledgers on paper can now be done electronically easily and cost-free, and with the Logo Go3 e-Ledger module, “Journal Book” and “General Ledger” documents can be prepared in accordance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration. can be prepared and easily sent electronically to the Revenue Administration.

How to Apply for e-Ledger?

The e-Ledger application process only accepts applications made electronically. It is important to note that there may be slight differences in application procedures for different organizations, whether legal or natural persons. Legal entities that are taxpayers are required to submit their commitments by filling out the application form at edefter.gov.tr.

If the taxpayer is a real person, he/she must fill out the application form and commitment form available at edefter.gov.tr and confirm it with a financial seal or qualified electronic signature.

People who want to create and manage their ledgers electronically must carry out all e-Ledger transactions using software that has received a compliance certificate from the Revenue Administration.

Why is e-Ledger Timestamp Used?

It is a certified record provided by an electronic certificate service provider that is used to pinpoint the exact moment when electronic data was created, modified, transmitted, received or recorded. Timestamps serve as concrete evidence that certain data was available on a certain date. Timestamp Servers use public key technology to digitally sign timestamps, thus verifying the integrity of data and its existence on a specific date.

In today's world of e-Commerce and e-Government applications, the necessity of date and time verification is of great importance. Whether it is the signing of a contract, transfer of funds, submission of application or other activities, accurate timestamp is crucial. In accordance with the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, Timestamp is defined as an approved record verified by the electronic signature of an electronic certificate service provider. Its purpose is to determine the precise timing of when electronic data is created, modified, sent, received or stored.

Secure Your Financial Records with Logo e-Bookkeeping Service

Logo eBookkeeping Service creates a holistic financial records management solution by seamlessly integrating with the e-Ledger application. This integration eliminates the need for businesses to use multiple systems together, making the entire process more efficient. With Logo e-Ledger Storage Service, you can be sure that your electronic records are stored securely and protected against loss, damage or unauthorized access.

As stated in the Communiqué published in the Official Gazette No. 30923, secondary copies of e-Ledger files and related certificate files shall be stored in the information processing systems of private integrators who are technically competent in terms of e-Ledger storage service and have permission from the Presidency in this regard, in order to ensure confidentiality and security, or by the Presidency. It must be kept in data processing systems for a minimum of 10 years as of 1/1/2020.

Taxpayers are responsible for the deletion, damage, virus infection, etc. of electronic books and certificates stored in their own information processing systems. For some reasons, problems may arise in the submission of electronic ledgers and certificates. Especially due to increasing cyber attacks in recent times, many taxpayers' electronic ledger files are damaged and therefore the importance of obtaining storage services through a Private Integrator is increasing.

Secure and Hassle-free Sending Logo e-Ledger

Sending Logo e-Ledger - Security is very important when transmitting sensitive financial records. Logo eLedger Sending uses strong encryption and authentication measures to protect data during transmission. This reduces potential risks by ensuring that information remains private and secure throughout the process.

Thus, laborious and costly operations such as printing and storing ledgers on paper can now be done electronically easily and cost-free, sending Logo e-Ledger, “Journal Book” and “General Ledger” documents can be prepared in accordance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration and electronically. You can easily send it to the Revenue Administration.

Logo e-Ledger Signing Problem and Java Settings

When a Java error is encountered while sending e-ledgers to the Revenue Administration, there may be many reasons for the error. It is important to diagnose the problem in order to solve it effectively. Make sure that your Java version complies with e-ledger software and Internal Revenue Service requirements. If your software is not up to date, it may cause errors.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Configuration: Check if your Java Runtime Environment is configured correctly and if there are any network restrictions or firewall rules preventing the e-ledger software from communicating with external servers. Java applications may require special security settings or permissions to access certain resources.

Finally, if you encounter a Logo e-ledger signing problem, if your Java version is not up to date, try updating it to the latest version. Newer versions may contain bug fixes and improvements that resolve known issues. Remember to back up your data and configurations before making any significant changes to your software or system settings. This will help prevent data loss and allow you to roll back to the previous state if necessary.


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