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Ensure Compliance with Legal Regulations with Logo e-Delivery Note

Simplify your transportation and commercial transactions with Logo e-delivery note. Our digital platform allows you to create posts quickly and efficiently, giving you a competitive advantage in the market. It is fully compliant with the e-delivery note regulations of the Revenue Administration and provides the same legal qualifications as the paper delivery note. It streamlines your shipping processes and ensures compliance with the legislation by enabling you to sign delivery notes with an electronic certificate, transmit, store and present them electronically.

Increase the speed and efficiency of your business with the Logo e-delivery note application. It allows you to create shipping slips digitally, streamlining your shipping processes and increasing the efficiency of your business. It helps you save on costs associated with printing and preparing paper shipments. One of the most important benefits of using Logo e-delivery note is its reliability and legality. This can help you avoid delays or issues with shipments and allows you to focus on running your business.

With new versions, accounting updates are made on the commercial system side, and these changes and updates may also affect the e-delivery note product.

We recommend that LEM renewals be made in order to benefit from the regulations that must be made on the commercial system side and that will ensure that the e-delivery note is printed in accordance with the legislation.

Improve Your Business with the Simplicity of Easy Integration - Logo e-delivery note

Looking to streamline your business operations and increase efficiency? Whether you want to speed up shipping processes, save costs, or simply increase the overall efficiency of your business, Logo e-Delivery Note is always with you. Stay one step ahead of the game with the regularly updated Logo e-delivery note. Developed in accordance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, Logo e-delivery note is designed to meet the changing needs of businesses.

Don't let manual document access hold you back. Increase the operational efficiency of your business with one-click access to documents with Logo e-Delivery Note. It simplifies your processes and saves time by providing easy access to documents created in digital environment.

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Participation in e-Delivery Note Application

Those who are required to participate in the e-Delivery Note application and those who want to participate in the application voluntarily;

a) Being included in the e-Invoice application,

b) Having completed the necessary preparations for issuing and transmitting e-Delivery Notes, in accordance with the procedures and principles explained in the Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué No. 509,

c) “V.1” of the Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué No. 509. It is required to make the necessary application to be included in the e-Delivery Note application in accordance with the application principles and methods of benefiting from the application specified in section no.

Who Uses e-Delivery Note?

As it is known, the procedures and principles regarding the "delivery note", which is among the widely used documents, can be issued electronically as an electronic document, can be transmitted to the recipient electronically or in paper media, and can be preserved and submitted for the first time in the Official Gazette dated 17/12/2017 and numbered 30237. It is regulated by the Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué No. 487 published in , and in paragraph (11) of the article titled "Other Matters" of the said Communiqué, it is stated that the Presidency is responsible for the preparation and transmission of electronic documents specified in this Communiqué to their recipients, the nature of the activities, the way they are carried out, etc. . It has been stated that it is authorized to grant special permission, taking into account other distinctive elements, or to make regulations by explaining these situations in the application or technical guides of the relevant electronic documents and published on the efatura.gov.tr website.

Users who are included in the e-Invoice application and make the necessary application to be included in the e-delivery note application by completing the necessary preparations for issuing and transmitting an e-delivery note in accordance with the procedures and principles explained in the General Communiqué of Tax Procedure Law No. 487, can optionally apply on 01.01. It may also be included in the e-delivery note application as of 2018.

It is the digital version of the paper delivery note issued for logistics activities. All taxpayers who meet the conditions determined by the Revenue Administration are required to use the e-delivery note. The electronic delivery note, which is extremely practical to prepare in a digital environment, contains information about the issuing company, the recipient, the date and time of shipment, and the goods transported.

Information That Should Be Included in the e-Delivery Note Application

The following information must be included in the e-Delivery Note:

a) Issue date and document number of the e-delivery note.

b) Name/surname, trade name, address, tax office and tax identification number of the person issuing the e-delivery note.

c) Customer's name/surname, trade name, tax office and tax identification number, if any, business address and delivery address, if different.

d) Type and quantity of goods transported.

e) Actual shipment date and actual shipment time in hours and minutes. e) License plate and driver (name-surname/IDN) information of the vehicle carrying the goods or information of the cargo logistics company carrying out the transportation (TCID-TINN/Name-Surname)

f) QR code or barcode, the information content of which is determined by the Presidency, in order to allow it to be queried, verified and viewed electronically from the Presidency's systems (starting from the date to be specified in the announcement made by the Presidency at ebelge.gib.gov.tr).

g) Other information specified in the e-Delivery Note Technical Guides. If necessary, the Presidency may request additional information to be included in the e-Delivery Note by making the necessary announcements to taxpayers at ebelge.gib.gov.tr.

Mandatory UBL-TR Names on the e-Delivery Note Document

Table Example
UBL-TR NameExplanation
ProfileIDThe scenario used is
IDPacking Note Number
UUIDUniversally unique identifier
IssueDateIssue date
IssueTimeEditing Time
DespatchAdviceTypeCodeShipment Note Type Code
SignatureFinancial Seal/Signature
DespatchSupplierPartyThe Party Providing the Shipment of the Goods on the Shipment Note
DeliveryCustomerPartyThe Party Receiving the Goods on the Shipment Note
DespatchLineDelivery Note Items
ID (OrderReference)Order number
IssueDate (OrderReference)Order date
ID (AdditionalDocumentReference)Sequence number of the referenced or attached document
IssueDate (AdditionalDocumentReference)Date of issue of the document
ID (Signature)A reference number related to the electronic signature
PartyDefines Seller/Buyer side
PartyIdentificationTax identification number or T.R. of the Seller/Buyer. identification number
PostalAddressParty's address
ID (Shipment)Cargo number
ShipmentStageInformation on the stage of the shipment is entered. Additionally, detailed information such as carrier (license plate, driver) is entered.
DeliveryCarrier company, actual shipment date and actual delivery date information


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