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Logo e-Invoice solutions offer an environmentally friendly application in addition to the cost advantage provided by the end of paper usage. With the transfer of invoices to electronic media, the use of paper in businesses is reduced and hundreds of thousands of trees are prevented from being cut down every year.

Developed in accordance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration, e-Invoice solutions ensure that the circulation of invoices occurs safely and quickly in the digital environment. With Logo e-Invoice solutions, businesses that transfer their invoices to the digital environment gain speed and efficiency in their payment and collection processes. In addition, costs arising from operations such as printing, sending and storing paper invoices are eliminated.

How e-Invoice Works?

There are two main elements in the system:

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Sending unit: In the first step, it creates the e-Invoice, approves it with signature or financial seal, stores it and transmits it to the central system. It then receives the response from the central system, signs it or verifies the financial seal and stores it.

Postal Unit: It is the unit related to the taxpayer who receives the e-Invoice. It receives the e-Invoice from the center, performs signature or financial seal verification, the invoice and the system response are produced by the mailbox unit after receiving the invoice, approved with signatures or financial seal, stored and forwarded to the center.

The e-Invoice application creates the messaging infrastructure that enables the users predefined on the system to transmit electronic documents in accordance with the specified standards, from the sender to the receiving party.

Using the Logo e-Invoice application, you can prepare your invoices with the e-Invoice creation process without the need for printing. Companies, if they wish, can make an agreement with an integrator company that has received a special integration permit from the GİB. Logo e-Invoice application can work in coordination with the system of the integrator company. The private integrator opens and manages secure user accounts for the taxpayers with whom it has an agreement and forwards the invoices of these taxpayers to the buyer through the RA system.

Users who benefit from the Logo e-Invoice application can send e-Invoices to registered users in the system, receive e-Invoices, download the sent or received e-Invoices to their computers and store them electronically and present them when requested.

Why should I choose eLogo as a custom integrator?

1. Constantly renewed and developing infrastructure
Your eDocuments are backed up and stored in 3 different data centers without the risk of loss.

2. Integrated structure with all ERP and sectoral software
Thanks to its integrated structure with all ERP and industry software, it provides operational convenience and reduces the margin of error.

3. Wide product range
It offers a wide range of products tailored to the needs of your industry.

4. Advantageous pricing structure
eLogo credits have no time limit, you can use the credits as long as you wish.

Simplify Business Operations with Logo e-Invoice Module

In the ever-evolving modern business environment, it is crucial to comply with legislation and manage financial transactions efficiently. One of the key components that can help businesses achieve this is the e-Invoice module offered by Logo, a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions.

Electronic invoicing, often referred to as e-Invoicing, is the digitization of the invoicing process. It replaces traditional paper-based invoices with electronically generated invoices. This change brings a number of benefits, including reduced administrative costs, increased accuracy, and increased efficiency in financial transactions.

What is e-Invoice?

E-invoice, short for electronic invoice, is the digital version of the traditional paper invoice used in commercial transactions. Unlike paper invoices that are printed and mailed, e-invoices are created and transmitted electronically between businesses or between a business and its customers. They usually contain the same basic information as paper invoices, such as details about the products or services provided, their quantities, prices and payment terms. E-invoices offer several advantages over their paper counterparts, such as faster processing times, less risk of errors, cost savings and improved environmental sustainability by reducing paper use. Additionally, e-invoices often integrate seamlessly with accounting and finance software, making record keeping and financial management more efficient and accurate. As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, e-invoicing has become an important tool to streamline financial processes and improve business operations.

Logo Go3 e-Invoice Module

E-Invoice modules are designed to integrate seamlessly with ERP software and offer a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

Regulatory Compliance: Staying compliant with local and international e-Invoicing regulations can be complex. Logo's e-Invoice module simplifies this process by complying with e-Invoicing standards and regulations.

Efficient Invoice Generation: Creating invoices is now very easy with Logo e-Invoice. The system allows easy creation of electronic invoices in a variety of formats, including XML and PDF, while also offering customization options to suit your brand.

Logo e-Invoice Features

In addition to significantly speeding up accounting processes, Logo eInvoice also provides easy access to electronically issued and archived invoices. Thanks to the integration in accordance with the standards, it is integrated into the system of the Revenue Administration and thus the reception and transmission of e-invoices is automated. Logo e-Invoice solutions can also be easily integrated into other software, systems and general business processes of the business.

In Logo e-Invoice solutions, authorization can be made to an unlimited number of users. Thus, each user is given access within his/her authority. Businesses that use the Logo eInvoice solution in all their sales gain a cost advantage because they do not have to use a payment recording device (PCC). You do not need to print paper invoices. Logo e-invoice is prepared and sent electronically. There is no need for shipping to send invoices to the customer. The e-invoice is instantly sent to your customer. e-Invoices are archived digitally and you are saved from the archiving process.

Simplify Compliance and Efficiency with Logo e-Invoice

In an era where digital transformation is essential for businesses to survive, Logo's e-Invoice module emerges as a valuable tool for organizations that want to facilitate their financial processes and comply with e-Invoice regulations. By automating invoicing workflows, improving data accuracy and reducing costs, Logo e-Invoice enables businesses to focus on what matters most: growth and success in a constantly competitive business environment.


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